Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intensity anyone??

Another Wednesday night race at Hardwood and another small test of the legs. Well more importantly a development of the legs rather then a test. Analogy time; Intensity for me is like braking for a corner. You want to hold off as long as you can bear and then a little bit more. Finally just when you think it is too late you hit it hard and your timing will hopefully be perfect. It's really hard for me to stick to my plan when you are spending 9 weeks down South (March & April) in optimal weather with amazing mountain roads and trails. Especially when every week you get a new group of anxious riders coming down and cranking it hard on every ride to try and squeeze in some early season fitness to carry them over when they get back to another month of winter. Well it took about 5 years of going down South for me to learn my lesson and create a guideline of what phases of training I should be in. Pretty much what all this means is that I have a crazy strong base from doing lots of tempo miles in SC, even if it did mean riding alone most of the time. Now I get to develop my legs for speed by cutting back a bit on my hours and ramping up the intensity big time. Albion was really the first test and I can feel my speed increasing all the time. With a couple Canada Cups on the horizon I am looking forward to testing my legs some more and seeing how much more speed I can coax out of them.
Anyways time for food. I'll start putting together some more blog features like reviews and how-to's in the next week.
Train to win, race for fun :-)

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