Friday, February 12, 2010

Anthem X-Ben

TA Chinook chainrings. 26/38 tooth mounted on the 2 inner chainring spots for better cross chaining. Running a DuraAce 11-27 9 speed cassette.
Ohhhhhh k so I guess time is counting down. The crunch is on! Good thing all my stuff is falling into place. Just got a bunch more parts for my 2009 Anthem X1 (from now on formally titled Anthem X-Ben) build. I am super restless now and all I wanna do is just finish the bike, get in the car, and drive. I am having waaaay more fun building up my bike then just buying everything in one boring package. I like working on bikes as much as I like riding them so this really caters to my interests. Anyways I have some pics of what I got done tonight but there are many more surprises in store for the next 2 weeks. I really have no idea what the bike weighed before but I will be happy with 23.5lbs (same as my old $7000 2009 Anthem X0) with the parts I have so far. I think I have lost about 2lbs and spent probably $1000. Much more cool tweaks to come in the next 12 months.

FSA K-Force flat bar. Has the same backsweep as a typical riser bar but 60 grams or so lighter. Also have the white Nokons mostly installed.

A look at the white Nokons, TA chainrings, and trying out the new Look Quartz pedals. They are 280grams and retail is $129!!! Hopefully they don't suck.

Ohhhhhhhh lala sexy time. Token carbon saddle is 114 grams and Token carbon seat post is 136 grams. It is designed to be flexy so I think it might actually be comfy.


  1. Definitely my kind of build! The 26/38 x 11-27 is a really good way to go.

    What length stem do you use? I have the matching stem to that bar (the carbon wrapped OS-99 CSI with the same graphics) in 100mm, but I now run 110mm on my bike. 118g

  2. I am trying a 120mm Cannondale Fire stem. Just cause I had it lying around so thought I would throw it on. Might be a little long but the seatpost is now zero setback and I have a really long torso so should be fine.
    I am also running a KMC x10SL 10 speed gold chain :-)

  3. Cool.

    Also, IME the Quartz pedals do not suck, and are an excellent value as you point out. They had an issue with the 08 model year when they first came out, but since adding a tighter spring for 09 and newer they are perfect.