Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good times and random stuff happens

Wow back in Barrie already. Visited the fam today, drove out Wednesday after work with the promise of banana loaf and epic Monopoly games. Good times were had, really the fact that I dominated in Monopoly is not a very important point but I did. Drove back this aft and boy howdy is my car ever caked in salt. Sister (in law) exceeded my expectations with request of a life-like portrait of myself riding a unicorn and decided a hippopotamus wearing tiny shoes was much more appropriate. I must say I now completely agree.
On another note, I was doing up the dishes tonight getting ready to make some spicy black bean soup when my crock pot lid decided to spontaneously explode while resting in the drying rack. I heard the pop over my Ultimate Ears 700's as razor sharp shards of glass went hurtling in every direction. As much as I really like having tiny pieces of glass all over my food preparation surfaces I had to take an extra 90 minutes to re-wash the dishes and clean the crap out of my counter tops, sinks, appliances, and kitchen carpet (yeah who puts carpet in the kitchen???). Anyways I thought that was rather odd and hilariously inconvenient at the same time. Didn't stop me from making the soup though, just busted out the big pot and going retro stove-top and letting it simmer over night.
Anyways that's it from my exciting world. More bike parts are-a rollin' in so I will keep you posted on how the Anthem XBen build is coming along. Oh yes and 3.31 weeks until I leave for South Carolina :-)

That black round thing is actually the glass lid handle that was launched

Arrrrggggggggggggh haha