Thursday, February 18, 2010


So have I mentioned I'm busy this time of year? Well I am busy. Busy too. Not that I'm one of those people that complains they are too busy and makes everyone around them think "big deal dude we're all busy, suck it up". No more like I enter this workaholic mode where I just keep piling on the work when I should really say no to some stuff. I guess it is the intersection of procrastination and other jobs that really can't be done until the week leading up to my leaving. I just think to myself, in a little over a week it will all be pretty much done and I will be down South. Yes I will actually be there in 10 days (I realise doing the whole count down thing in blog posts makes them obsolete the very next day but if you are reading this (on any day other than the 18th of February 2010 (not likely you will be reading it that date (not likely anyone reads this at all (just playin' I know exactly who reads this and when (not that it's a big deal just let it happen))))) just humour me and do the mental math). I leave on the morning of the 28th. Plan is to roll out around 5 or 5:30am and will probably arrive between 9-10pm.
Anyways the real purpose of this post was to give a little teaser. All of my parts have arrived for the Anthem X-Ben except for my rims (ahem Stan's Podium MMX). I got my Bike Ribbon cork/foam grips, DT Revolution 2.0/1.5/2.0 spoke, and some gold DT alloy spoke nipples to round it off. I am hoping for 1400grams including rim tape and valve stems AND skewers. Did I mention I got Token carbon/titanium quick release skewers that weigh 35 grams............for the pair!
Enough teasers for one day. Bike will be done as soon as the rims arrive..................pleeeease let that be tomorrow (ahem Friday the 19th).


  1. I appreciate the nested brackets, it took me a couple looks, but it all checked out. You'll have to post some pics of the bike when its complete.

  2. ahh... my picture showed up, not sure how that happened.

  3. bwah ha ha Google knows all!!! Probably the Google cockroach camera has been all through your house (not to mention your unmentionables *mind asplosion*).