Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am dowwwwn

Nothin major so don't worry too much. Started getting a cold Saturday night and she pretty much went full blown before Sunday so I've had to take Sun/Mon off work and only put in a 1/2 shift today. Was going to make a brief visit home but I have been getting no sleep at night so I am gonna stay put and try and get some rest. Mostly just sore throat and a bit fluey. Hopefully the throat gets better by Thursday or I'm going to have to go get it checked out before I head South. Lots of work to be done still before I go but I think I have most of it under control.
Also ordered a new part for the X-Ben yesterday. With Stan's and valves and tape bike is now 22.06lbs which simply won't do. Wait for the pics, part is arriving Thursday some time. It'll bring it under 22lbs fo sho.
Back to the recliner!

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