Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Ontario Cup #6 - Kelso

Kelso has always been one of my favourite races on the Ontario scene. Sure sometimes they screw it up a little but for the most part it is a great time. Here is my first person account of how it went down that day.

Hmn feeling a little weak or maybe it's just the wind. Damn kids I coach are getting too fast, no I'm just old and it's not my fault.
Saw 2 Nissan Skylines parked in a driveway, awesome.

Lining Up
Good to see everyone again. Feels like forever since Buckwallow. I'll file in somewhere in the last 1/3 of the pack since I'm not a great starter and not feeling super fit.

Lap one
Wow got a pretty good start. Passed a bunch of guys, lol at people trying to ride up the gravely right hand side of the hill only to spin out and have to run it.
Huh a little rattling noise that doesn't sound normal. Oh well probably just my number plate screwing with my Nokons or something.
Oh crap my seat just fell off.

*stop and gather up the seatpost pieces and saddle and wait for all the Elites to roll by so I can soft pedal the 500 meters to the finish. Looks like a DNF :-( *

I think I lost a part of the clamp. Now I'm going to have to buy a new seatpost. But I'll have to put on that heavy ass RaceFace post in the mean time while I order another Token post because I really do like this post.

*Soft pedal out into the open field just before the lap/finish and my impending DNF*

Look down and
Oh wait all the parts are still there. Screw this I'm fixing it and finishing this biaaatch. Why do they make these damn screws so tiny. Oh yeah that's right I went for the lightweight. I regret nothing!
Wow this is really hard to fix. Wouldn't that be funny if I couldn't fix it and had to DNF because it was too hard. That is not an option and would be very harmful to my reputation as the greatest bicycle mechanic to ever touch a 5mm.
Ok so it's fixed! That was way harder than I thought, I think I lost about 10 minutes in that whole mess :-(
My seat is now at a very awkward angle. No time to adjust it now!

Lap 2
Ah catching some of the Elite Women back. Shouldn't be too long before I make my way back up to the back of the Elite Men pack. Maybe on the 3rd lap.
Oh crap that rattling is back better stop and torque the crap out of it. Look out little titanium bolts, we're going 5Nm and beyond!!!
Ok it is definitely tight now, and it fixed the angle of the seat, feels pretty close to normal.

Lap 3
Good rhythm. No complaints. Where's that Elite Mens pack??

Lap 4
In the grove now. Still feel kinda slow but again I'm old so I have an excuse.

Lap 5
Where the #*@& is that Elite field. Oh there they are! Only 2/3 of a lap left, better pour on the gas. DFL is much better than DNF but DFL still sucks.
Ok I see a pack of 3 or 4 guys. Hey that must be Cory in the 3-Rox kit.
Just coming up on last place now, closing fast. Right on his wheel.

*boom, I hit the dirt hard. My bars spin around in such a way that bars arent meant to be spun. Bars connected to things like Nokons, and Magura Durin SL's, and FSA K-Force handlebars.*

Nooooo my bike!! Oh great another mark on the top tube. Better stop and loosen the brake and shifter so I can twist my bars back without marking the frame up any more.
Alright I'm good. Better hop back on and oww that hurts when I have to move. Oh well just superficial stuff, spin it out.
Oh look there is the finish line. DFL is better than DNF and at least I was close to the next guy.

Well I still did have fun at that race. Glad I rode it out because it is still good for the fitness. Looking forward to Provincials in 2 weeks and foolishly looking forward to my 24hour solo on August 28-29.
B-b-b-benny and the jetsssssssss.


  1. great site again Ben, such good maintenence posts must take some time.

    best of luck in the 24

  2. Thanks for the feedback Peter. As you know it does take a lot of effort to produce quality content that is actually useful to people. Though it is all just for fun and I enjoy all of it. I do dilute with some crap like the above posting ;-)