Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There are many different stories about what went down that day

this is what really happened............

Ontario Cup #7 - Provincial Championships
Woodnewton, August 22nd, 2010

I am liking this course. Whole vibe reminds me of where it all started, racing at the Bethany farm with the Martyns and Alpha Racing. Nice fun and fast singletrack and that flowy downhill is a work of art!

Morning at the race site
Stomach has been killing me for the past couple days. Maybe I am stressing about this 24 hour too much. Maybe I shouldn't have bought all those fresh Jalapenos at Price Chopper.
Glad I got to see my little guy become Minime Provincial champ. Darn kid is fast. Motivated people make me feel like a slacker.
Wow it is really raining, lets go check out the course and take a survey.
Hey there is the Mr. Cabardos
*Hey Louis how's the course??
Slippery as hell, put on your rain tires!*
Hmn Louis is a pretty strong technical rider, must be pretty bad out there.
*talk to a bunch of folks*
Ok the consensus is that it is apocalyptically muddy out there (except for the ever wise Chico who insisted on staying with dry tires). That's it I've hit my 2 hour cut off, time to make a decision. Mud tires it is!!!!
Sealed up my Maxxis Medusa 1.8 super knobby tires no problem. They didn't lose any air and was able to run them at 23psi which was about as low as I wanted to go for such a low volume tire.

Warm up
oooooooo k I think I am starting to regret these mud tires. Not gonna lie to myself about that, other people sure, but I can't fool me.
Feeling fine though. Stomach seems to almost be sorting itself out. Feel a little low on power but the legs feel good. Maybe just a little lightheaded but sometimes I think that the fact I've been out of school for so long has left my brain unchallenged and I am slowly getting more spaced out. Would drugs help this?
It better start pouring rain so I can justify these tires!

Lining up
Hmn not much exciting going on here. Looks like mostly everyone is here, all super chill. I am actually pretty darn fit right now but this stomach thing is making me nervous. Or are my nerves giving me this stomach thing? I think I think too much. Oh the race is about to start.

Lap one
Off to a decent start. Stomach thing went away, score. In a pretty fast group of slow riders, picking a few off. Liking this course and the mud tires were totally awesome for that 100 metre section of mud.

Lap two
Well this is starting to suck. Core feels super tired, I think my stomach gymnastics have taken their toll over the last couple days. I am really starting to go backwards quickly. Alright this is leaning towards a DNF. Definitely have to think of a reasonable excuse before I call it a day. I could use the multi-excuse tactic. Lets take stock; my tires are slow, my stomach has been bothering me, I am old (classic excuse), I am tapering for 2011.............
OK Ben get yourself together! You know what is easier than thinking of an excuse for DNFing?? Actually trying and not needing an excuse at all. I mean if I can't make it through 2 hours of suffering I am well and truly screwed for this 24 hour race.

Lap three
Gettin' her going now. Adrenalin is starting to kick back in and I am feeling better. Getting that heart rate back up where it should be and starting to pick some guys off again that went by me on the 2nd lap fiasco. Hey there is Brendan, I would be happy with the day if I could beat him.
Ohh look a spectator on a collision vector with your narrator.
*a brief foray off the beaten path*
Good times by the feed zone. No harm done.

Lap four
Brendan is strong. Wonder if I can shake him. He is much faster than me in the singletrack so he can rest. I am faster on the open stuff and climbing so if I stay out front in the twisties he won't get a gap.

Lap five
after Brendan has let me lead for 2/3 of a lap we are heading down the long, slightly uphill front straightaway.
Brendan "Sorry I would do some of the work but I feel like I am going to die"
Me "No worries dude, sorry I am so slow in the singletrack."
Feeling tired ehhhh, well I guess I should try and lose him now so he doesn't drop me in the singletrack. Maybe he wont bother chasing if I can get out of sight.
Score got a gap on that hill, legs are starting to cramp but it's the last lap so they are allowed.
And we're done.
That's strange, my heart rate stayed at 135BPM for 10 minutes after the race.

All in all it was a rough day in the saddle. I did feel better once I got going again but I could in no way use my fitness to its potential. I have abandoned all feelings of stress about the 24 hour this weekend and just making sure I am eating well all week and getting 8+ hours of sleep each night (opposed to the 6 hours I got all last week).
Maybe I can convince some of my family that are helping out with my race to do some live updates on my progress. I'll bring my laptop and rocket stick so stay tuned for potential updates on my deteriorating condition.
Grain of sand, I'm off to Never Never Land.

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